Oksana Davydova

Oksana Davydova graduated from St. John’s University in 2008 with a major in Legal Studies. She received her law degree from CUNY School of Law in 2014. Throughout law school, she interned at various organizations and firms specializing in various practices. She was part of a program called Volunteer Lawyer for the Day that provided Limited Scope Representation to Pro Se Litigants on Housing Issues and Consumer Debt in Civil Court with the supervision of an Attorney. The Program provided advice and assistance to clients of their rights and procedures of the court with regards to Housing Matters and consumer debt.

Oksana started practicing workers’ compensation in 2015 and has since familiarized herself with handling all aspects of a case. Oksana joined our firm as an Associate Attorney in August of 2018. She resides in Queens County with her husband and three sons.