Should I expect the finding of eligibility to be permanent?

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration reviews most disability claims at three-year intervals to be satisfied that you remain disabled.

We continue to represent those clients who we have helped with their initial application at the time of such reviews.

There is never a fee for a consultation. Contact us for an interview to discuss your claim.

What else should I know about applying for Social Security Disability Benefits?

You should be aware that you can collect Social Security Disability Benefits, Workers’ Compensation benefits, and long-term disability payments from a long-term disability policy at the same time. You should be also aware that the long-term disability benefits provider may offer to help you with your Social Security application at “no cost”. However, sometimes they don’t ask for sufficient information due to the many complicated Social Security forms, and the Social Security Administration receives less than fully accurate information. This could ultimately jeopardize your entitlement at a later date to long-term disability benefits, or to Social Security Disability Benefits. You should have an attorney helping you.

How long do Social Security Disability Benefits last?

If you are found to be eligible, your benefits will last for as long as you are unable to work and remain disabled, or until you become eligible for Social Security retirement payments. Your claim for Social Security Disability benefits will not deprive you of your old-age Social Security Benefits. If you are out of work prior to applying for old-age benefits, and do not prove that you are disabled while out of work, your later retirement benefits may be affected.

What will you do if my claim is denied?

We will file an appeal and request a hearing before the Social Security Office of Hearings & Appeals. Statistics issued by the government indicate you have a greater likelihood of winning your appeal, when you appear before the Judge with an attorney.

What is the usual timeframe for processing a Social Security Disability claim?

It will usually be five or six months before the Social Security Administration decides on an initial claim, and then an additional six months to a year before there is a hearing before a Judge (if Social Security has denied your claim initially).
With an attorney, there is the potential for considerable shortening of the time periods on Appeal.

How are you paid for your services?

Unlike some Social Security Disability law firms, we do not charge “up front” for taking your case or filing your claim. We take cases on a contingency basis. This means that unless we win your case, there is no fee. The Social Security Administration approves all attorneys’ fees and, in most cases, they approve a fee of 25% of any benefits due retroactively, up to a maximum fee of $6,000, whichever is less. The Social Security Administration will deduct our fee from your award and send it to us. Absent an error by the Social Security Administration, the client does not pay us directly.

If I am disabled under other benefit plans, such as Workers’ Compensation, does that mean I will qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

No. The definitions of disability are different between various government programs. Someone who has been “classified” as having a permanent, partial disability, under the Workers’ Compensation Law, may nonetheless be considered totally disabled, under the Social Security Disability Benefits law. This is why we so strongly recommend that you speak to an attorney, who practices in the area of Social Security Disability Benefits, to determine the viability of your claim.

Does every injury or illness qualify me for Social Security Disability?

No. To qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, the Social Security Administration has defined the requirements as having a physical or mental impairment that keeps you from doing any substantial work for at least a year, or a condition or illness that is expected to result in your death.

Is there a time limit for filing a claim?

No. As soon as you are convinced you’ll be out of work for a 12-month period, we suggest you contact us for an initial discussion; and at the point where you are out of work for six months, we will proceed with your claim if you wish.