Struggles & formalities for 9/11 Responders

“Far too many people are being denied when they’re truly sick or injured,” said Sean Riordan, an attorney specializing in New York State and New York City disability law. “The biggest problem is most of these municipal employees have already been found disabled by their employers … Most of these people are going to end up being out with no income other than workers’ compensation.”

A conviction on behalf of all workers said by one of our very own-Mr. Sean Riordan, in an article written on The article is the story of Sal Turturici, a man who has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer as a result of working at the Ground Zero site after 9/11. The former EMT wants to speak out for those who don’t get the proper coverage they need. Even though there is legislation in place that is supposed to help those who got sick in the line of duty during or after 9/11, some are still not being given the proper care.The article below concerns some of the details in the WTC Disability Law-particularly the dates of an individuals time working during the aftermath of the attacks.

Another similar story is that of Thomas McHale. He is a former member of the FBI, CIA, and Detective for the NYPD who has been waiting almost a year and a half for his disability pension. 9/11 would not be his first brush with death, or even his first encounter with a terror attack. Upon submission of his medical documents, it was found that McHale needed to provide further medical information for his illnesses. Although submitting his paperwork close to a year ago, his case is still pending.

Both of the stories mentioned are linked below. On top of the well over 2,000 lives that were lost that day, countless survivors are still suffering from illnesses resulting form their bravery at Ground Zero. The complexities of the various laws that were put in place to help survivors and their families make it even harder for them to get the care and coverage they need.

Endless Attack: Sick 9/11 Responders Still Struggle to Get By

“Slap in the face:’ 9/11 hero who fought terror overseas is now ill, but state won’t grant disability pension

Sean Riordan’s Successful Appeal on Behalf of Nassau County Correction Officer Reported by The Chief-Leader

Sean Riordan, a partner with McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson, & Riordan, LLP, was interviewed by The Chief-Leader on the successful appeal of a case in which his client, a retired Nassau County correction officer, was initially denied the ability to collect disability retirement benefits.

Ronald DeMaio sustained a lower back injury after trying to break up a fight between an inmate and a fellow correction officer who was searching him for contraband. Officer DeMaio attempted to escort the inmate down a stairwell, but the inmate pulled away from him.

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National Institute of Health Reports Millions of Americans Suffer Pain Every Day

According to a recent finding based on research conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in 2012, it is estimated that 25.3 million Americans suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis.  Additionally, those who suffered from such severe pain were more likely to have worse health, use health care more and suffer from more disability than those who did not experience severe pain.

The survey was conducted on a sample set of 8,781 adults and asked participants to answer questions concerning the frequency and intensity of pain that was experienced in the prior three months.  The results of the survey also found that many of those who experienced chronic pain turned to other health approaches such as yoga, massage, and meditation.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you must be able to prove that your pain is so severe that it physically or mentally impairs you.  This is determined through medical evidence that includes documented symptoms and lab tests.  Additionally, to qualify, it must be proven that the condition is expected to last twelve months or more.  Although chronic pain is not a condition in and of itself to qualify a person for SSDI, such pain may be caused by another qualifying condition.

To read more about the NIH survey, click here.

If you suffer from pain so severe that you cannot work, and have medical evidence attesting to your condition, you may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability Insurance.  Contact an attorney who is experienced in helping clients obtain the benefits they deserve.  Call The Law Offices of McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson, & Riordan, LLP at (866)557-7500.

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Proposed Legislation Would Allow Uniformed Workers 75% of Their Salary for Retiring on Disability

If passed, de Blasio’s amended disability pension legislation could be a triumph for disabled workers. The changes made to the original bill would allow three-quarter pensions for uniformed workers hired after 2009 retiring on disability, as well as workers who suffered severe injuries on the job. The original proposed plan gave uniformed workers only 50% of their salaries and was met with backlash from critics who said that 50% was too low for workers who risk their lives on a daily basis to perform their duties.

The proposed changes to the bill also leveled the field by giving newer hires the same disability benefits as those who were hired prior to 2009. Under the original bill, uniformed workers hired post 2009 would have been forced to live on $27 a day if they were injured in the line of duty. Uniformed workers covered under the proposed bill include sanitation workers and corrections officers, as well as police officers and firemen. However, in order to receive the disability benefits, workers would have to qualify for social security first, which has also been a source of contention for union advocates backing the NYPD and NYFD.

It is estimated that the 75% pension plans would cost the city $342 million between 2015 and 2019. De Blasio’s original disability pension plan was calculated to cost the city $47 million.

Uniformed workers are subjected to physical harm daily in the workplace, and risk their lives for the public. In addition, due to the conditions of their employment, they face a number of work related health conditions such as the risk of developing various cancers, stress, sleep deprivation related conditions, depression issues, and heart attacks. According to statistics, firefighters have significantly higher rates of testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, prostate cancer, and multiple myeloma, than the general population. Additionally, due to hectic work schedules and stress, and other factors affecting metabolism, studies have shown that police officers are 8% more likely to develop obesity issues than their civilian counterparts.

If you have been injured during the course of your employment, contact an attorney who is experienced in dealing with disability benefits. Contact an attorney who is experienced in helping clients obtain the benefits they deserve. Call The Law Offices of McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson, & Riordan, LLP at (866)557-7500.

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