Quinn Law Firm and MDASR, LLP. Announce “Of-Counsel” Partnership Effective Immediately

Dear PBA President:

The Quinn Law Firm is happy to announce that we are working with McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson & Riordan, LLP. (“MDASR”) in an “of-counsel” capacity to offer our clients representation in the fields of NYS Workers’ Compensation, NYS Disability Retirements and Social Security Disability.

Injuries in the course of an officer’s duties are unfortunately inevitable due to the dangerous nature of police work. When these injuries occur there is only one way to properly protect your rights and benefits, good representation. MDASR has represented injured workers for over 65 years and knows exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure you receive the medical treatment and compensation that is due to you. More importantly, MDASR has worked hand-in-hand with law enforcement officers and unions throughout the state in their disability claims. MDASR understands the unique occupation that officers perform and translates such knowledge into complete representation.

MDASR’s partners are recognized throughout New York for their work in the disability field. Sean Riordan heads up the Disability Pension Department for MDASR. Sean is widely recognized as an expert in ¾’s claims, representing uniformed personnel in their actions against the NYS Retirement System and has generated several precedential cases in this area. Edward McIntyre, a former Sgt. with the Suffolk County Police Department, is an authority on NYS Workers’ Compensation benefits and a leading advocate for officers’ disability rights. Richard Donohue, MDASR’s managing partner, heads up the Workers’ Compensation Department and is considered one of the foremost authorities on Workers’ Compensation matters.

In addition to the 5 Senior Partners, MDASR has 12 associate attorneys and over 60 staff members to properly serve their clients legal needs, as well as communicate with their clients. The Quinn Law Firm is happy to announce that MDASR will be utilizing office space in our White Plains location, adding an 8th office so as to serve the Westchester and Rockland communities.

MDASR’s website is https://licomplaw.com , their main contact number is (631) 665-0609 they also have an app that can be downloaded to your members’ smart phones, just go to MDASR LAW in the App Store.  This app will give your members access to a comp or disability expert instantly.  Jim Seganti (866-557-7500) will be the main point of contact for our Westchester and Rockland members.

We look forward to working with MDASR to bring our clients’ the best representation possible in the disability field.

Very truly yours,

Andrew C. Quinn, Esq.