New 3rd Department Case Changes the Way We Analyze 3/4’s Cases

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  An important message on behalf of our firm from two of our partners, Ed McIntyre and Sean Riordan: New 3rd Department Case Changes the Way We Analyze 3/4's Cases ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Friends, On Thursday April 26th, the Appellate Division, 3rd Department issued an very important decision regarding Police ¾’s claims. The determination has far reaching [...]

Delegate Handbook-Your Source For Workers’ Compensation Information

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Linked below is our recently updated Delegate Handbook-a resource for all employees, and those who help give those employees a voice. This is also on our home page for quick and easy downloading. This downloadable handbook breaks down general information and topics of Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, and NYCERS pensions. This will be updated [...]