Allison Curley graduated from Hofstra University School of Law in 2009. With experience in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice, she transitioned to Workers’ Compensation Law in 2011. Allison joined our firm in March 2014 and is dedicated to fiercely protecting the rights of injured workers. She lives in Suffolk County with her husband and two sons.

I am a proud graduate of Hofstra, Class of 2009. I studied medical malpractice and personal injury law post-graduation. While in law school, I was involved in trial advocacy and was a Nassau County ADA intern.

Yes, I wanted to work for the District Attorney as an ADA, ridding the world of criminals; but with the economic decline in 2008, that wasn’t possible. Luckily, I found my home in workers’ compensation.

I’ve been practicing workers’ compensation for 8 years now and I thrive on knowing that what we do actually matters for our clients.  In personal injury, for example, it can take years to get your client some financial recovery but in workers’ compensation, what we do every day has a more immediate, positive impact on our clients, their families, and their lives.

Very personal. Knowing that I am responsible for their future in some capacity, I make sure to do everything in my power to ensure that they are taken care of in an exceptional manner.

Our firm is comprised of really hardworking and caring people. Having worked in other places, I can really appreciate the environment at MDASR.

I am a mother of two wonderful boys, 10 and 6, so my family is my priority outside of the office.  I enjoy spending time with my boys at the beach or park.