Joseph Abrahams is a senior associate with the Firm and is in charge of the Social Security Disability Department. Joseph received his undergraduate degree at Stony Brook University and interned at McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson and Riordan while attending Touro Law School. Upon his graduation from Touro in 2014, he began working full time with the Firm in the Social Security Disability and Municipal Pension Departments. Joseph has helped numerous injured workers obtain disability retirement benefits from the New York City Employees’ Retirement System and successfully argued several Article 78 appeals before the Kings County Supreme Court. He has also successfully aided many individuals in their pursuit of disability retirement benefits from the New York State and Local Retirement System. Joseph continues to vigorously fight to get Social Security Disability claimants’ the benefits they deserve. He currently resides in Suffolk County.

I attended Touro Law School.  Prior to that, I was a paralegal with MDASR.

I did not always want to be an attorney. It wasn’t until I worked here as a paralegal that I realized that I wanted to do more for our clients. That’s when I went to law school.

I like practicing Social Security Disability because it allows me to help disabled individuals get the benefits they need and deserve.

I greatly value my relationship with my clients and always strive to provide the best legal representation possible. I believe it is very important to have a good relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable discussing all their issues and impairments with me during what in many cases is a very difficult time in their lives.

If I were a client, I would look for sincerity and compassion in my attorney.

What I most like about working at MDASR is the sense of team work in endeavoring to do the utmost for our clients.

When outside of the office I like to spend time with my family, travel and go to the beach.

I am a member of the Injured Workers’ Bar Association.