Ronald Schnepf began working for MDASR as a part-time scanning assistant in 2012.  Before his admission to the bar, Mr. Schnepf worked with the firm as a paralegal, handling matters such as workers’ compensation settlement negotiations, reviewing and organizing medical records for cases involving 9/11-related illnesses, and attending appointments with clients at the New York City Retirement System’s medical board.  He graduated from Hofstra University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy and graduated from Touro Law School in 2019.  Mr. Schnepf was a member of Touro’s Honors Program and the winner of the Fall 2015 CALI Award for Legal Excellence in Legal Process I.  He was actively involved in pro-bono work with the “Breaking Barriers” program, which assisted clients with criminal histories in pursuing professional licenses, and also worked in the school’s Small Business and Nonprofit Clinic.  Mr. Schnepf is particularly skilled in the area of legal writing and has written appeals on workers’ compensation issues to the New York State Appellate Division.

I attended Touro Law School and graduated in 2019.  Throughout my law school years and for a few years prior to that, I worked full time at MDASR in a few different capacities, primarily in the worker’s compensation settlement department.

I am the first in my family to become an attorney, but I knew from an early age that I wanted to pursue such a career.  My interest really took off after taking several law classes in high school.

I enjoy representing a highly diverse clientele of injured workers from a wide range of trades and professions and being able to make a positive difference, whether big or small, in the unpleasant experience of suffering any workplace injury or illness.

As an attorney, my foremost responsibility is to effectively represent my clients and protect their legal rights.  Still, I also believe that getting to know my clients on a more personal level is very important, as welcoming and friendly relationships lead directly to effective representation.

If I were an injured worker, I would want my attorney to understand my particular problems and to not take a “one size fits all” approach to my case.  I would want my attorney to guide me in the right direction while remaining respectful of my needs as an individual.

I enjoy the fact that MDASR is capable of accommodating clients from Long Island, New York City and beyond, and that I have many opportunities to meet with and represent clients in a variety of settings.

I am a history buff and a dedicated baseball fan.  I love traveling and exploring new places with my friends.

I have served as President of the Long Island Chapter of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society since 2016 and am active with several other organizations in the area of historic railroad preservation.