Brooklyn Disability Pensions Attorney

Our Brooklyn Disability Pension Attorneys will help you navigate the application process of applying for benefits. New York State, New York City and many local municipalities provide retirement disability benefits to their public employees who can no longer work because of illness, accidents or other disabilities. Unfortunately, getting a pension for a disability is not as easy as filling out an application. A poorly prepared or incomplete application presented by an individual increases the likelihood that the application will be denied. Additionally, retirement system reviewers are just not going to accept you or your doctor at your word. They are going to require very specific and substantial medical evidence and other substantiating documentation.

You can avoid getting off to such a poor start by seeking legal advice right at the start of this process. In fact, the best opportunity to guarantee a successful outcome to your case is right at the beginning by getting the help of people who are experts in the various disability pension systems and who can help you avoid all the pitfalls.