We at the law offices of McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson, and Riordan pride ourselves on being the pinnacle of legal excellence. MDASR has a long, proud history that has led to over 60 successful years of representing the hard working men and women of New York and Long Island. Formerly known as Sherman, Federman, Sambur, and McIntyre LLP, the firm is carrying on a legacy of handling each case with care, consideration, and aggressive representation.

But it’s not just in the courtroom that we strive to excel. In this ever evolving world, we at MDASR aspire to be on the cutting edge in order to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Whether that be the forefront of the law or our technical prowess, we are constantly working to stay agile and adapt.

Accordingly, we’d like to announce our collaboration with Validity whose Smart Chain technology will empower us to take advantage of the most advanced blockchain-based file and identity verification solutions to date.

What exactly does this all mean?

Security and privacy are two of the most valuable assets in any client-business relationship. Our clients’ trust us with their personal information and it is our obligation to keep it secure. But in today’s world, it has become far too commonplace for this trust relationship to be violated. Hence, we at MDASR believe it is our duty to employ the most robust systems to maintain this private, trust based relationship. And that’s where the Validity Smart Chain comes into play.

Smart Chain’s advanced blockchain identity management allows our employees and clients to obtain a cryptographically secure blockchain identity. This far exceeds the normal security protocols enforced by other firms and serves to ensure the most technologically sound and secure environment for our clients’ personal information.

Coupled with Smart Chain file verification and associated file ownership, both file transfer and download security are greatly enhanced allowing employees and clients to ensure their data has not been modified without approval.

Why are we focusing on identity and file security? Because we deal with thousands of people and millions of files each year and it is our job to make sure each and every individual who has entrusted us with their personal information feels safe and confident when they hand it over. And when we have an opportunity to better the experience for our clients, we make sure we follow through as they are our priority, from intake to settlement, at all levels of operation.

For more information regarding Validity Smart Chain technology, please visit: www.validitytech.com