Are you considering settling your claim?

Watch the New York State Workers' Compensation Board instructional video on the Section 32 Waiver Agreement with helpful information about the settlement process of a workers' compensation case.

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What is a Section 32 Waiver Agreement?

This video is required for injured workers to watch if they decide to settle their workers' compensation claim through a Section 32 Settlement. The agreement must be approved by the Workers' Compensation Board and is a negotiation bewtween the injured worker, their attorney and the insurance carrier. Settlments can be applied to indemnity and/or medical benefits involved in the claim. Once approved, the settled matter (indemnity and/or medical benefits) will be closed forever and cannot be reopend. As a result, claimants will receive a lump sum or yearly payment of the agreed amount. Claimants cannot seek further payments for lost wages or medical benefits regarding the claim.