Sean Riordan Honored by NYCD Emerald Society

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Sean Riordan Honored by NYCD Emerald Society MDASR Partner Sean Riordan was honored by the New York City Correction Department Emerald Society as 2019 Honorary Member of the Year. Sean is an outspoken advocate  for First Responders, having joined with advocacy groups and Congressional leaders to help pass legislation that affords [...]

MDASR Sponsors African Union Day Celebration

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MDASR was proud to sponsor and attend the African Union Day Celebration held at Mercy College on September 9th. The event marked the inaugural "Daylight of Africa" celebration and was dedicated to Captain Mbaye Diagne of Senegal and US Soldier Private Emmanual Mensah of Ghana for their exemplary leadership and sacrifices. The African Union Day [...]

Quinn Law Firm and MDASR, LLP. Announce “Of-Counsel” Partnership

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Dear PBA President: The Quinn Law Firm is pleased to announce the establishment of a work relationship with McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson & Riordan, LLP, (“MDASR”) in an “of-counsel” capacity, to offer our clients further representation in the fields of New York State Workers’ Compensation, New York State Disability Retirements and Social Security Disability. Injuries [...]

NYCERS: Why are more WTC Claims being denied than approved?

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A number of news publications in New York have released articles begging the same question: Why isn't NYCERS doing more for workers who were involved in 9/11 rescue, recovery, and clean-up operations? The links below aren't the first of the articles. It goes without saying that one article written about this is one too many. They all [...]

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New York Times Expose Reveals Construction Site Safety Violations Linked to Completely Avoidable Deaths and Injuries in New York City

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A recent New York Times expose has shed light on the rise of injuries and fatalities in New York City’s construction industry over the last two years.  The investigation found that although construction is increasing throughout the City, the rate of accidents is disproportionate to the new construction.  While the rate of new construction projects [...]

New Regulation Would Protect Workers Exposed to Beryllium

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OSHA has recently proposed a new regulation that would help protect workers who are exposed to beryllium.  The chemical, which is released through dust, fumes, mist and in other forms, can cause a fatal respiratory disease in those who are exposed.  Annually, 35,000 workers are exposed to the chemical and 245 new cases of illnesses related to [...]

100th Anniversary of New York Worker’s Compensation Law

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2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the enactment of New York’s Workers’ (then Workmens’) Compensation Law. The horrific Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire moved New York’s legislature and Governor to enact the first in the nation workers’ compensation statute in 1911 after 146 employees died due to poor employer practices and unsafe working conditions. The law [...]

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