Recently, a Brooklyn construction company has been cited for safety violations that led to the fatal fall of a 51 year old worker last April. The citations included one willful violation due to lack of fall protection and five serious violations connected to the accident. OSHA’s director of the Brooklyn area, Kay Gee, remarked that the tragedy could have been prevented with the lifesaving equipment the company knew was required.

The worker had fallen from the sixth floor of a building while raking concrete that had been freshly poured at an edge that was left unprotected.

Upon inspection, OSHA found that workers were not provided with the required fall protection gear, including harnesses and lifelines. Additionally, OSHA found that the construction company did not provide the necessary instruction to workers concerning minimizing fall hazards. The inspectors also found other hazardous conditions such as missing stairway guardrails, defects in the extension ladder, floor holes that were left unprotected, and debris from construction left in stairways and work areas.

The company faces $84,600 in proposed fines if it does not comply with OSHA’s requirements within fifteen days of being issued the citations.

Falls have happened too often on construction sites throughout New York City in the last year. They are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and are entirely preventable with proper training, equipment, and planning. OSHA has launched a Fall Prevention Campaign to raise awareness of the safety issues when working at elevated heights.

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