2019 Correction Officers’ 3/4’s Disability Pensions: Year-in-Review

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2019 Correction Officers' 3/4's Disability Pensions: Year-in-Review By: Sean Patrick Riordan, Esq.The Court of Appeals (the highest court in New York State) decision in Walsh v. DiNapoli expanded the Comptroller’s interpretation of “act of an inmate” and, therefore, expanded the disability coverage provided to Correction Officers when they are injured in the [...]

2019 Police Disability Pensions Year-in-Review

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2019 Police Disability Pensions Year-in-Review Accidental Nature of Injuries Cases: The Appellate Division 3rd Department’s first case of 2019, Buckshaw v. DiNapoli, dealt with multiple accidental issues. The Police Officer testified that while he was restraining an EDP the carpet suddenly shifted under his feet due to poor installation. As a [...]

The NYS Light Duty Standard & NYS Disability Pensions:

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When does my job become my Light Duty Responsibilities in the Eyes of the Retirement System? By:  Sean Patrick Riordan, Esq. In the course of the last week I have encountered 3 different officers who wished to apply for their disability pensions but had worked in a light duty position for more than two years, [...]

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