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Partner Sean Riordan Advocates for NY’s First Responders

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Partner Sean Riordan Advocates for New York's First Responders MDASR partner Sean Riordan met with Congressman Gregory Meeks and FDNY Ret. Chief Richard Alles to discuss the crucial issues our nation's first responders face daily. Sean is an outspoken advocate for First Responders, having joined with advocacy groups such as [...]

New 3rd Department Case Changes the Way We Analyze 3/4’s Cases

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New 3rd Department Case Changes the Way We Analyze 3/4's Cases An important message on behalf of our firm from two of our partners, Ed McIntyre and Sean Riordan: New 3rd Department Case Changes the Way We Analyze 3/4's Cases ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Friends, On Thursday April 26th, the Appellate Division, [...]

Construction Industry needs Scaffold Law

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Changes to the Scaffold Law have been at the crux of recent discussions in the construction industry. In New York, 2016 and 2015 were statistically the deadliest years for construction workers-dozens of articles recording deaths due to improper equipment were published. In late 2017, two workers fell to their deaths during the same day on [...]

Why we need to Protect our unions from Janus

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A Supreme Court case with a 40-year precedent has been brought back to the future. On February 26th, the Supreme Court began hearings on Janus vs. AFSCME and the constitutionality of compulsory Fair Share fees. These fees are paid by non-union employees who work in unionized jobs but are still represented by the union during [...]

Continued battle for 9/11 First Responders benefits

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Recently, the civil service publication The Chief Leader published several articles discussing the state of 9/11-related disability claims being processed at NYCERS. Statistically, WTC Disability claims are on the chopping block. More are being denied than approved, and the ones that are usually denied take years to be evaluated. Other issues at hand are transparency during [...]

Urgent Message On Behalf Of Our Firm

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HELP US STOP THE ATTACK ON WORKERS' COMPENSATION!  Below are several ways you can stand with us in opposition against these changes: Sign these two petitions to make your voice known-Petition from AFL-CIO and Petition at MoveOn.org Mail this postcard to the NYS Workers' Compensation Board with a message to help you stand up for your rights. Email your [...]

NYPD gears up after London attack in wake of proposed budget cut

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Last week, the Trump administration released their plan for a 10% spike in military spending. Roughly $700 million in federal grants from the Department of Homeland Security would be cut, according to an article posted on Newsday.com. These are the same grants that provide funding for counterterrorism efforts for local law enforcement agencies across the [...]

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