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OSHA Says Exposed Workers to Safety Hazards

Jonathan Stempel | Insurance Journal • January 20, 2023

In a January article in this year’s Insurance Journal, Jonathan Stempel states that the US government issued citations against Amazon for endangering its workers and failing to keep them safe by exposing them to ergonomic hazards that caused severe injuries. Stempel continued elaborating that OSHA inspected three Amazon warehouses in New Windsor, New York; Waukegan, Illinois; and Deltona, Florida, and found that workers faced a higher risk of lower back injuries. These injuries were acquired from the high-frequency lifting of heavy packages, awkward postures such as twisting, bending, long reaches, and long hours to complete duties.

Along with lower back injuries some employees face, workers have also been exposed to “struck-by” hazards from merchandise that wasn’t secured in the warehouse. Head of OSHA, Doug Parker, states that Amazon’s processes for shipping out materials were “designed for speed but not safety, and they resulted in serious worker injuries.”

Amazon spokeswoman, Kelly Nantel, stated that Amazon takes the safety and health of their employees seriously and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars annually to ensure their employees’ safety.

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Source: Jonathan Stempel | Insurance Journal • January 20, 2023 • “OSHA Says Exposed Workers to Safety Hazards”