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“Perspectives: Improving workers’ compensation claim outcomes through data-driven reviews”

Dennis Tierney | Business Insurance • July 8, 2024

Dennis Tierney’s recent article in Business Insurance emphasizes the impact of work-related injuries on both employees and employers, particularly the financial and operational consequences for the latter. He advocates for targeted claim reviews to manage problematic claims more effectively, rather than reviewing all open claims, which can be inefficient for large organizations.

Key strategies include:
1.Data-Focused Approach: Utilizing analytic tools and AI to identify claims that would benefit most from

early intervention, enabling quicker and more effective resolutions.
2.Extracting Relevant Insights: Analyzing data to identify key issues, such as prolonged employee absence

or legal representation, and addressing these proactively to reduce costs and improve outcomes. 3.Actionable Decisions: Developing clear plans and assigning responsibilities for resolving claims, supported

by advanced tools to track and follow up on necessary actions.

Tierney underscores the importance of early intervention, data-driven insights, and streamlined processes to optimize workers’ compensation claims management and reduce overall costs.

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Source: Dennis Tierney | Business Insurance – “Perspectives: Improving workers’ compensation claim

outcomes through data-driven reviews”

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