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“Workplace mental health linked to nurses quitting: Study”

Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • June 4, 2024
A recent article written by Jon Campisi in Business Insurance states that mental stress and burnout are

major factors driving nurses to leave the healthcare profession.

Key findings from the study, conducted by NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, reveal that the intense working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic worsened these issues, causing a significant number of nurses to quit, leading to a shortage in the workforce.

Earlier reports also indicated that rising mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, are contributing to higher workplace injury rates across various professions.

Surveying 629 nurses from 36 states, the study found that strong workplace support systems were crucial in nurses’ decisions to stay. On the other hand, symptoms of depression were linked to many nurses leaving within a year.

The researchers recommend that employers implement programs and provide resources to support nurses struggling with work-related mental health issues and stress.

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Source: Jon Campisi | Business Insurance – “Workplace mental health linked to nurses quitting: Study”

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