August 2023

Settlement Notice of Decisions | News Release

MDASR achieves outstanding results for workplace injury cases. We’re excited to share some of our recent successes at MDASR, where we’ve secured significant compensation for workers injured on the job:

  • When a Carpenter hurt her neck, right shoulder, left shoulder, head & back while installing shelving units, we swung into action. The result? A massive award of $120,000.00. – That’s what we call a colossal success!
  • A Fleet Service Worker became injured while at work disconnecting the luggage cart. We rallied for her rights and clinched a settlement of $200,000.00. – A testament to our relentless fight!
  • A Hospital Unit Clerk injured her elbow, shoulder, wrist, back & neck while tripping in the hallway at work. With our determined pursuit, we secured her a whopping award of $133,338.00. – A victory that echoes justice!
  • We championed a Purchasing Agent’s cause, who injured her back and neck while at work. The reward? An impressive $151,662.00. – Triumph at its best!
  • We secured a sizable award of $120,000.00 for a Direct Support Professional who suffered severe back & left hip injuries while moving a patient to a wheelchair. – An undeniable win!

At MDASR, we’re more than just your legal representatives; we’re your dedicated advocates, working hard to make sure you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

*Please note: Results can differ based on the specifics of ease case and injury.