February 2024

Settlement Notice of Decisions | News Release

MDASR achieves outstanding results for workplace injury cases. We’re excited to share some of our recent successes at MDASR, where we’ve secured significant compensation for workers injured on the job:

  • A LIPA Supervisor injured his back, right shoulder, right elbow, and right hand in a rear-end collision while at work. We successfully secured him an award of $224,089.00.
  • A Delivery Worker sustained injuries to his neck, lower back, left shoulder, and right hand while making deliveries. We secured him a settlement of $295,485.00.
  • A Driver dislocated both shoulders while unloading his truck, injuring his back and shoulders. We obtained him an award of $100,000.00.
  • An Attorney injured his neck, spine, and back after slipping and falling backward from his desk. We secured him a settlement of $200,000.00.
  • A Driver who drove over several large potholes while traveling for work sustained injuries to his upper back. We secured him an award of $100,000.00.

At MDASR, we are more than just legal representatives; we are dedicated advocates working hard to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. A big congratulations to our clients who have triumphed in receiving the awards they truly deserve!

*Please note: results can differ based on the specifics of each case and injury.