June 2024

Settlement Notice of Decisions | News Release

MDASR achieves outstanding results for workplace injury cases. We’re excited to share some of our recent successes at MDASR, where we’ve secured significant compensation for workers injured on the job:

  • A CNA was turning a patient at work and felt a pain in her back, right shoulder, and left wrist. We successfully secured her an award of $150,000.00.
  • A Production Picker for a local food store hurt her back, neck, both shoulders, and both knees when a food cart hit her from behind while she was taking inventory. We secured her a settlement of $172,471.11.
  • A Press Operator hurt his right bicep, right elbow, and right arm when he was moving inventory in the warehouse. We obtained him an award of $117,596.00.
  • A Window Installer hurt his left shoulder, left ribs, left leg, and left arm when he fell off a ladder when installing an aluminum frame at work. We secured him a settlement of $135,000.00.
  • A Phone Technician hurt his shoulder, hips, both knees, and right ankle when he tripped on a rock while installing phone lines during work. We secured him an award of $221,500.00.

    Congratulations to our clients, a colossal win for all! At MDASR, we are more than just legal representatives; we are dedicated advocates working hard to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

    *Please note: results can differ based on the specifics of each case and injury.