March 2023

Settlement Notice of Decisions | News Release

MDASR has been winning big for clients who’ve suffered work-related injuries! Check out these remarkable victories we’ve achieved for those who experienced injuries while at work:

  • A Road Supervisor | Alarm Responder hurt his knee, neck, and shoulders while doing assigned patrol duties while working security. MDASR was able to secure him an award of $97,750. – A well-deserved win!
  • An award of $186,615.40 was made to a Detective who was injured processing a crime scene resulting in lower back and neck injuries. – Securing justice for our client!
  • A Technician who slipped off a ladder while at work was awarded $100,625 for injuries to their back, hips, and ankle. – A fantastic victory!
  • An Elevator Mechanic received a settlement of $165,750 for injuries sustained to his back while repairing an elevator platform – We fought hard and won big!
  • A Safety & Security Officer injured his back & shoulders restraining a patient while at work. MDASR was able to secure him $115,778.11 for his injuries. – An incredible achievement!

At MDASR, we’re committed to helping our clients recover the compensation they deserve! 

*Similar injuries/cases do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Each case is based on individual circumstance.*