In the aftermath of a faculty lockout that took place the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University, the faculty and the university’s administration have come to an agreement regarding a union contract renewal. The lockout ended Wednesday, September 14th, although classes were supposed to start the first week of this month. With thanks to professors, students, and the American Federation of Teachers, classes have begun and their rights as a union have been exercised and protected.

On August 31st the faculties union contract expired, and they did not agree with terms of the proposed renewal. A vote to accept or decline the contract took place, and the faculty rejected the new contract 226 to 10. Another outcome of the disagreement ended with professors not being able to get into their offices or emails. During the 12 day lockout the American Federation of Teachers, a labor union that represents education and teachers, was there in support of the faculty. The Long Island Faculty Federation is also represented by the AFT. Randi Weingarten, the AFTs current president, was there to speak on behalf of the faculty and students. This ultimately ended with a contract the administration and the faculty both agreed upon. The successful end to this is due to the efforts from the American Federation of Teachers and the hard working professors who knew the rights they had as a union.

L.I.U.-Brooklyn Locks Out Professors Amid Contract Dispute

Faculty Lockout at L.I.U.-Brooklyn Ends With Contract Agreement