September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Falling Short

Our 9/11 First Responders and volunteers, the heroes of that fateful day almost 18 years ago, are now facing major health issues due to the harmful debris in the air. They, along with search and rescue team members, are now being diagnosed with aggressive cancers caused by their time spent at Ground Zero. The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund was created to support heroes and families of those who tragically passed or could no longer work due to injury or illness related to 9/11. What no one suspected is that disease and cancers caused by carcinogenic material would form a decade later. The fund has been extended to support families of those who have been affected years later but is now expected to be depleted by 2020.

First Responders and volunteers risked their lives for the weeks following the attacks and now are seeing their comrades fall sick with aggressive cancers. They now worry they will pay the ultimate price for their bravery. Experts are finding that the life expectancy of cancer patients resulting from 9/11 is about 80 percent shorter than those with cancer unrelated to 9/11. The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund has paid billions of dollars to support responders in the event they cannot work and thousands depend on it to support their families. Recently those awarded their payments after February 25th only received half of what they are entitled to and those approved after that date are scheduled to receive only 70% of what the fund has historically provided.

MDASR partner, Sean Riordan is actively involved with the 9/11 First Responders DC Lobbying Team and recently went to Washington DC to petition the extension and refunding of the Victims Compensation Act. MDASR continues to fight for the rights of all of our first responders.