MDASR • Case Study

Workers’ Compensation Claim Resolution for City Park Worker Injured in Vehicle Accident

Client: City Park Worker at a Local Town District

Background: The client, a dedicated worker in city park maintenance, sustained a right shoulder injury while on duty. This injury was a direct result of a vehicle accident that occurred as the client was driving a work truck for park-related tasks.

Challenges: The case presented the complexity of attributing the injury specifically to work-related activities, especially in the context of vehicle operation. Additionally, the focus on a single injury site required a detailed medical prognosis and treatment plan.

Action Taken by MDASR, LLP:

• Detailed Injury Assessment and Documentation: Obtained and reviewed all medical reports related to the right shoulder injury to establish a clear connection with the vehicle accident that occurred during work.
• Strategic Legal Representation: Provided specialized legal representation tailored to workers’ compensation for municipal employees, ensuring a robust advocacy in hearings and negotiations.
• Successful Workers’ Compensation Claim: Managed to secure a favorable outcome that covered all medical expenses related to the shoulder injury and compensated for any lost wages due to the incident.
• Ongoing Client Support: Ensured constant communication and support throughout the claim process, offering the client guidance and updates at every step.

Conclusion: This case illustrates MDASR, LLP’s commitment to providing comprehensive legal services to individuals injured in the course of their employment. Through meticulous preparation and dedicated advocacy, the attorneys of MDASR ensured that their client received the necessary support needed for their recovery.

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