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“Automation Curbs, Changes Safety Risks”

Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • May 2023

In the May 2023 copy of Business Insurance, Jon Campisi emphasizes that the rise of automation in various industries such as automotive manufacturing and food processing can potentially reduce the frequency of traditional work-related injuries like repetitive strain, but it introduces new risks, leading to more severe worker compensation claims. Automation may foster a false sense of safety among workers, making it critical for employers to focus on training employees on the new automated systems and the possible risks involved.

Experts suggest that while automation generally means fewer employees are exposed to hazards, the severity of injuries from mishandling machines can be high, leading to costly claims. The changing nature of injuries requires a shift in worker protection and education. High-tech safety features in new technologies can minimize workplace injuries if workers are aware of their importance. Consequently, in the push for automation, striking a balance between safety and productivity is crucial.

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Source: Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • Page 12 | May 2023 • “Automation Curbs, Changes Safety Risks”