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“N.Y. court reverses denial of 9/11-related claim”

Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • April 30, 2024
In the latest article from Business Insurance, Jon Campisi highlights the 9/11 Workers’

Compensation case of Robert Liotta.

The article discusses a decision by a New York appellate court to reverse the denial of a workers’ compensation claim by Robert Liotta, a former New York City court officer who alleged he suffered illness or injury from his involvement in the World Trade Center cleanup after the 9/11 attacks. Initially, both a compensation law judge and the Workers’ Compensation Board had denied his claim, stating that Liotta did not participate in the direct “rescue, recovery and/or cleanup operations” at the site.

However, the appellate court found that Liotta’s activities, which included evacuating a courthouse and assisting nearby, were significantly connected to the rescue efforts within the legally defined area of the World Trade Center site. In conclusion, the case was sent back to the Workers’ Compensation Board for further review.

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Source: Jon Campisi | Business Insurance – “N.Y. court reverses denail of 9/11-related claim”

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