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“Rising PTSD claims, wider comp liabilities spotlight importance of treatment guidelines”

Louise Esola | Business Insurance • March 1, 2024

A recent article by Louise Esola from Business Insurance discusses the increasing inclusion of post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in workers’ compensation claims and the challenges it poses. Experts emphasize the importance of adhering to guidelines for diagnosing and treating PTSD, noting that the prognosis for well-treated PTSD is generally good. There is a growing push to expand workers’ compensation to cover mental health issues, particularly for first responders. However, the industry has historically been cautious about accepting mental injury claims due to concerns about the subjectivity of diagnoses and the potential for fraud.

There is an ongoing trend to expand PTSD eligibility to more workers, with numerous bills filed in various states to introduce or amend legislation regarding PTSD and other mental injuries as occupational diseases.

In conclusion, the industry advocates for strict standards for claiming PTSD to ensure that claims are work-related and not due to personal or hereditary factors.

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