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“Seasonal workers in high-injury warehousing pose safety concerns”

Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • October 2023

The article from Business Insurance in October 2023 discusses the safety concerns related to seasonal workers in high-injury warehousing during the holiday season. Retailers are hiring temporary employees to meet the increased holiday demand, primarily in mail-order and warehousing roles. Safety experts emphasize the need for proper safety training for these temporary workers who may be new to fast-paced industries like warehousing.

The demanding nature of retail work has led to more strains and injuries, making safety regulations a focus of concern. Seasonal workers present a dilemma as they might be willing to compromise safety to impress potential employers by taking on additional tasks and risks. This lack of training and expectations can put them at a disadvantage from a risk perspective.

Notable companies like Amazon and UPS are hiring a significant number of seasonal workers, contributing to the concern. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General recently criticized workplace safety inspections in warehouses, suggesting that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has not effectively addressed high injury and illness rates.

Retail distribution centers experience high demand during this time of year and tend to onboard temporary workers quickly. Temporary workers are more prone to injuries than full-time employees, and this influx of inexperienced employees could result in increased work injury rates, raising concerns for workers’ compensation insurers.

To prevent workplace injuries and corresponding compensation claims, companies are advised to provide proper guidance on workplace safety to temporary workers. Some companies are already implementing safety training programs for seasonal workers, similar to what full-time employees receive. However, it’s important to recognize that seasonal workers, often in the 18- 24 age group, may have limited experience with dangerous machinery and should be treated differently from those with more warehouse experience.

Overall, the increase in work injuries is not solely attributed to novice employees but also to the increased workload and demand for work, regardless of the worker’s experience level.

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Source: Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • October 2023 – “Seasonal workers in high-injury warehousing pose safety concerns”