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“Volunteer firefighters question consistency of coverage”

Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • April 2023

Volunteer firefighters have raised concerns of inconsistencies in insurance coverage provided by various companies. In the April 2023 copy of Business Insurance, Jon Campisi emphasizes the need for a standardized policy that would adequately protect them in case of injuries, property damage, or liability issues. The article highlights the urgent call for the insurance industry to address disparities in coverage and ensure a uniform protection system for all volunteer firefighters.

The article further discusses the challenges faced by volunteer firefighters in obtaining proper insurance coverage. Due to the lack of standardized policy, volunteers often face disparities in the benefits and protection they receive. This inconsistency can cause confusion, dissatisfaction, and may even deter potential volunteers from joining firefighting units.

Industry experts suggest that insurance companies should collaborate with firefighting organizations and regulatory bodies to develop comprehensive and consistent coverage polices tailored to the unique risks and responsibilities of volunteer firefighters. By doing so, they could alleviate concerns, foster trust, and create a more appealing environment for future volunteers.

Additionally, the article highlights the importance of educating volunteer firefighters on the various insurance options available, and how to choose the best policy for their needs. Improved access to information and resources can help volunteers make informed decisions, ensuring they are well-protected during their service.

In conclusion, Campisi has brought to light the urgent need for insurance companies to address the inconsistencies in coverage for volunteer firefighters. A standardized policy, coupled with increased awareness and education, will ensure that volunteers receive the protection they need, ultimately benefiting both the firefighters and the communities they serve.

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Source: Jon Campisi | Business Insurance • April 2023 • “Volunteer firefighters question consistency of coverage”