May 2023

Settlement Notice of Decisions | News Release

MDASR is on a winning spree, and we’re thrilled to share how we’ve been achieving groundbreaking results for our clients who’ve sustained workplace injuries. Here’s a snapshot of the phenomenal victories we’ve clinched for workers:

  • A State Policeman had a serious motor vehicle accident while on duty, injuring his back and shoulder. With our determined pursuit, we secured him a whopping award of $160,000. – A victory that echoes justice!
  • We championed a Truck Driver’s cause, who injured his back and neck while extracting water from an underground tank at a client’s site. The reward? An impressive $182,500. – Triumph at its best!
  • When a Machine Operator slipped off a machine at work, suffering back injuries, we swung into action. The result? A massive award of $208,472. – That’s what we call a colossal success!
  • A Customer Retail Coordinator hurt her shoulder, back, arm, and hands while handling hefty boxes. We rallied for her rights and clinched a settlement of $208,645. – A testament to our relentless fight!
  • We secured a sizable award of $215,175.96 for a Police Officer who suffered severe neck, back, arm, and leg injuries on the job. – An undeniable win!

At MDASR, we’re not just your representatives; we’re your committed champions fighting to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve!

*Keep in mind, however, that outcomes may vary.

Each case, like each injury, is unique and depends on its individuals circumstances.*