Working in a car repair shop can be a hazardous job. Each day, mechanics and other employees inhale fumes, work with toxic chemicals, and handle heavy and dangerous equipment. OSHA has recently renewed its relationship with the Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair to ensure that those who work in car repair shops receive proper training and information regarding health and safety in the workplace.

Those who work in automotive repair shops should be supplied with and wear proper safety gear, including protective eye wear, gloves, and foot wear. In addition, because workers are required to handle heavy equipment, they should be trained in proper lifting techniques to avoid back or other injury. Additionally, certain positions may require specialized training and certification.

The objectives of the OSHA and Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair include implementing training and safety measures with additional focuses on lift safety, Absorbed Glass Matt batteries, and contaminated refrigerant. The alliance intends to use data from Worker’s Compensation, injuries and non-injury data, and existing information regarding health hazards in the industry to improve safety efforts.

If you are an auto mechanic, it is important that your employer provide you with proper safety gear and a well ventilated and well-lit area in which to work, as well as adhere to OSHA safety standards. Although some minor injuries in the auto repair shop may be unavoidable such as small cuts and bruises, exposure to certain chemicals can cause lasting damage. Many products that workers use contain asbestos and lead which can cause respiratory illnesses, kidney disease, neurological illnesses, and permanent disabling or debilitating injuries.

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