June 2022 Business Insurance 

Press Release Review

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“Employers Could Face More OSHA Rules” – Eric Conn

Business Insurance • Page 41

In the June 2022 edition of Business Insurance, Eric Conn released a written overview piece, “Employers could face more OSHA rules.” In this perspective written article, Mr. Conn delves into President Joe Biden’s OSHA revisit of workplace requirements, specifically regarding the E-RecordKeeping Rule. Previously, companies with 250+ employees had to submit to OSHA incident reports annually. Now OSHA intends that companies with as few as 100+ employees submit these annual reports to gather more extensive information from employers on their company’s recordable cases. In addition, OSHA intends to use this newly collected data to target its enforcement resources.

Also covered in this article was OSHA’s heat illness enforcement in outdoor and indoor work settings. New initiatives set forth by OSHA have plans to diminish the number of heat illness cases in work settings where the heat index is expected to be 80 degrees or higher. With an extensive 100-question guidance form, OSHA will be planning inspections in indoor and outdoor work settings in roughly 70 high-risk industries when the National Weather Services has issued a heat warning for the area to ensure proper preventive measures are followed.

These two developments in this article prove that OSHA is continuing to address e-recordkeeping and heat illness matters to make the workplace safer and more effective.


Source: Business Insurance • June 2022 • Page 41 • Employers could face more OSHA rules • Perspectives: Eric Conn